Montpelier Project Update
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Montpelier Project Update

Montpelier Project Update

Work is in progress to return the Montpelier Retreat car park site to its original use for parking. Preliminary works have started to remove 280m3 of low-level contaminated soil. The work is expected to be completed within a week and has been approved by Hobart City Council.

Parking will be reinstated on the site, which is consistent with its previous use. Mr Moe Sultan confirmed that the selected contractor, Hazell Bros, would spend the next five weeks completing all works, including a new surface finish to make the car park safe and suitable for use.

“It is expected that the site will be fully reinstated by Christmas and will provide much needed parking in the precinct,” Mr Sultan said. “We intend to operate the car park as it was previously operated, with permit parking available through the week and casual parking available for the Markets on Saturdays and during special events in Sullivans Cove.”  Mr Sultan is mindful of the numerous requests made to re-open the car park and given the uncertainty of the present project approvals, accepts this decision to reopen the car park is in the best interest for all parties.

Mr Sultan also advised that no further announcements about the long-term development of the site was possible until some finality occurred in regard to the present Supreme Court appeals, which were lodged against the current project approval by other parties.  “As no hearing date is yet to be confirmed in regard to the hearing of that action it is unlikely that we will be in a position to make any further comment regarding the future of the Montpelier Retreat development until approximately late April 2016.”

There will be no more posts on this website until the Supreme Court appeal has been concluded. Thank you for your support.