Planning Approvals Upheld
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Planning Approvals Upheld

Photo of Montpelier Project Development Application

Planning Approvals Upheld

Sultan Holdings acknowledges that the Resource Management Planning Appeals Tribunal decision made public yesterday afternoon essentially re-affirmed the previous approval conditions imposed by the Hobart City Council in February 2015.

Mr. Sultan was satisfied with the decision but felt that the process and timeframe had gone on for far too long. “The appeals have essentially been a repeat of the appeals made previously,” he said,“ and the resultant delays to our project plus the added costs of the appeal have been an unreasonable burden.”

The decision provides some certainty for the development but Mr. Sultan is mindful that the other parties may appeal the outcome.

Sultan Holdings lodged its development application for Montpelier in November 2014 and had planned to commence the excavation earlier this year, with the intention of completing this work before Christmas.

“The delays that have occurred through this planning appeal process plus our inability to resolve a Construction Management Plan with Hobart City Council have been disappointing and the end result is there is no prospect of any works commencing on site this year.” Mr. Sultan said. “We intend to review our position over the coming months and to consider the best way forward with the site.”