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Photo of Montpelier Project Development Application

Planning Approvals Upheld

Sultan Holdings acknowledges that the Resource Management Planning Appeals Tribunal decision made public yesterday afternoon essentially re-affirmed the previous approval conditions imposed by the Hobart City Council in February 2015. Mr. Sultan was satisfied with the decision but felt that the process and timeframe had gone

Next Steps

The archaeology has been a fascinating journey and Austral Tasmania have packed up their tools. They are now focusing on the analysis and recording of their findings. The comprehensive investigations have revealed significant new information about Hobart’s Aboriginal and European history and heritage. These findings will contribute to the

Open Day

The Montpelier Project and Austral Tasmania would like to invite you to an open day where you will be able to explore what has been unearthed so far on the site. This unique invitation will involve a tour of the foundations accompanied by an archeologist, who will

Introducing Cottage Green

Salamanca was home to merchants, whalers and sailors, who traded out of the historic Georgian warehouses. Today these warehouses have been reinvented as galleries, theatres, arts and crafts shops, cafes and bars. The new development on Montpelier Retreat will extend the beauty of the precinct and

Black and white photograph of two storey-ashlar sandstone house, built by Alexander Orr by 1845

Archaeology, Week 2

Investigations are beginning to reveal Montpelier Retreat's past. Over the past week, archaeologists have uncovered the foundations for Alexander Orr's house and outbuildings. Sarah McGuinness, one of the site supervisors, explains what they have uncovered. Orr arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1828 and bought the site

Archaeology, Week 1

The archaeological investigations have started on Montpelier Retreat and weekly updates on the findings and progress will be published on the website. During the first week, the team mapped out possible locations for the Reverend Knopwood's cottage and Alexander Orr's house and have started to peel back the layers to

Archaeological Investigations

The Montpelier Retreat car park is being prepared for the arrival of archaeologists from Austral Tasmania Pty Ltd, who will be investigating the site to see what historical remnants may still be in place prior to excavation for the new development. The site was home to

Montpelier Tests Complete

The testing of the Montpelier Retreat site has been successfully completed this week and will soon reopen for parking. The tests will assist in designing an appropriate construction plan, which will take the surrounding buildings into consideration. Orica Limited were engaged to complete the tests

Plans Revealed

New designs for a development in Salamanca by Sultan Holdings have been submitted to Hobart City Council. The Montpelier Project is a proposed mixed-use complex on the corner of Montpelier Retreat and Kirksway in Salamanca. The proposal has been designed to complement the aesthetic of


Montpelier Momentum Increases

The Montpelier Project is moving forward and there will be some noticeable events happening on the site from December. The site, situated on the corner of Montpelier Retreat and Kirksway in Salamanca, will be cleared in the first week of December to allow specialist consultants