2014 December
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December 2014

Montpelier Tests Complete

The testing of the Montpelier Retreat site has been successfully completed this week and will soon reopen for parking. The tests will assist in designing an appropriate construction plan, which will take the surrounding buildings into consideration. Orica Limited were engaged to complete the tests

Plans Revealed

New designs for a development in Salamanca by Sultan Holdings have been submitted to Hobart City Council. The Montpelier Project is a proposed mixed-use complex on the corner of Montpelier Retreat and Kirksway in Salamanca. The proposal has been designed to complement the aesthetic of


Montpelier Momentum Increases

The Montpelier Project is moving forward and there will be some noticeable events happening on the site from December. The site, situated on the corner of Montpelier Retreat and Kirksway in Salamanca, will be cleared in the first week of December to allow specialist consultants

Local Food & Wine

You will never go thirsty or hungry in Salamanca at any time of the day. Award-winning restaurants serve the best food and beverage Tasmania has to offer. A short stroll along the waterfront will reveal waterfront punts with the freshest seafood straight from the Southern

Montpelier Project Update

New designs for the development have been submitted to Hobart City Council. The proposal has been designed to complement the aesthetic of the Salamanca precinct and will significantly increase the activity to the area, introducing more opportunities for local businesses. December 2014 Testing of the site

Local Shopping

Salamanca Place is famous for it’s historic buildings, which now offer an extensive shopping experience. You can find art, books, clothes, fresh food, wine, crafts and all things Tasmanian in the precinct. Happily there are some fantastic cafes to have rest along the way. Enjoy

Local Events

From cutting edge cultural festivals and gourmet feasts to world-class sporting events and music spectaculars, there are events to enjoy all year round in Hobart. Salamanca is home to many of the fantastic events throughout the year including the Festival of the Voices, The Taste

Local Activities

Whether you are after a high-octane experience or a quiet stroll in the park, there are a variety of activities, parks and adventures in and around Hobart to keep you busy. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started: Whether you are on two wheels,