2015 February
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February 2015

Archaeology, Week 5

The team have excavated two cess pits on the site, which were built at the rear of Alexander Orr's house. They were filled with domestic waste, capped and had plumbing installed in the late 19th to early 20th century. Find out how they knew where to dig and

A photograph of the first sermon written and delivered by Reverend Robert Knopwood in 1804. Courtesy of Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

Knopwood’s First Sermon

Sunday, 26 February, 1804: Rev. Robert Knopwood delivers his first sermon in Van Diemen's Land. Soldiers and officers, dressed in their full uniforms, paraded in the morning then gathered to hear verse 43 or psalm 107, 'Whoever is wise will consider these things, and they shall understand the loving

Postcard image of the Rev. Robert Knopwood, Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria

Searching for Knopwood

On 16 February 1804, 211 years ago, Reverend Robert Knopwood took his first steps in Van Diemens Land. He came from England on the Ocean, with Lieutenant Governor David Collins, a party of convicts and a group of settlers from Port Phillip, Victoria. He noted that it was a very

Archaeology, Week 3

Archaeologists document every detail of a site, layer by layer, so that everything is recorded to piece together a historical record. This week, the team have been looking at Alexander Orr's outbuildings and are discovering what each building may have been used for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBdc7Bp_Hmw&feature=youtu.be

Black and white photograph of two storey-ashlar sandstone house, built by Alexander Orr by 1845

Archaeology, Week 2

Investigations are beginning to reveal Montpelier Retreat's past. Over the past week, archaeologists have uncovered the foundations for Alexander Orr's house and outbuildings. Sarah McGuinness, one of the site supervisors, explains what they have uncovered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9wWen552Mc&feature=youtu.be Orr arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1828 and bought the site

Archaeology, Week 1

The archaeological investigations have started on Montpelier Retreat and weekly updates on the findings and progress will be published on the website. During the first week, the team mapped out possible locations for the Reverend Knopwood's cottage and Alexander Orr's house and have started to peel back the layers to